5 Ways To Save Money This Summer

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Let’s face it, Florida gets hot. The summer months here in the Sunshine State are spent moving from one air-conditioned space to another in as little time as possible.

The shuffle effects more than the sweat on your shirt, however. The A/C causes Floridians power bills to spike in summer by an average of $2 more per day than other times of the year. With an average power bill of $126 already you could be looking at an extra $300 in power costs over the May through September heatwave of the Florida summer.

There are ways to stop the bleeding and get out of summer without forfeiting an average car payment to stay cool. Here we cover the 5 ways to save money on your air conditioning this summer.

  1. Keep the Thermostat as High as You Can Stand It, 78 or Above All Summer Long

As much as it pains us to say it, your dad was probably right when he yelled at you whenever you tried to touch the thermostat. Keeping that gauge at 78 or higher, especially during those peak summer months, will give your air conditioner a much-needed rest. 

It’s easy to maintain a home around 80 degrees when the interior is already cool. You have the help of insulation and walls to keep the cool air in. This means that the A/C cycles less, saving you on energy costs.

When you leave your house, crank that A/C up to around 82 or even 83. There’s no point in keeping an empty house super cool for no one to enjoy. If you have a smart thermostat you can cool the house down when you leave on your commute home so it’s comfortable when you arrive.

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  1. Plan for the Summer All Year Long with an HVAC Maintenance Plan

The worst case is for your A/C to burn out in the middle of the summer. We all know it always happens at the most inconvenient time and going without is practically unbearable.

Avoid the pitfalls of being without your air conditioner by taking care of it all year long. Make sure you have a reputable HVAC technician come out and get you on a routine maintenance plan.

These are affordable and give you the peace of mind that your system is running in tip-top shape. By having the system regularly serviced you catch problems early, they cost less to repair, and you aren’t in an A/C emergency in July.

  1. While You Are Wearing Less Keep Your Windows Dressed

While you can afford to let the sunshine in for wintertime, summer demands a closed curtain policy. By keeping window dressings drawn shut during the heat of the day you’re giving your home the best chance it has of remaining as cool as possible.

It’s also a good idea to always turn off unnecessary lights and spring for full-on blackout curtains for the largest windows.

  1. Avoid Using Your Stove and Oven

There’s a reason we crave cold, refreshing smoothies and salads in the summer and not the thick, comforting bisques of October. It’s because it’s really hot outside and the last thing you want to do is crank the range top up to make a stew.

During the summer break out the pressure cooker, outdoor grill, and crockpot to avoid heating up your house with the oven. Lean into the healthy and satisfying crunch of a fresh cool salad and berries. 

You’ll be feeling better and saving money on energy too.

  1. Tend to Your Landscaping and Plant Some Trees Around Your Home

Another way to mitigate the sun’s unending rays is to give them a natural filter that gives you more oxygen and looks attractive too. Planting some trees around the outside of your home shields your interior from the full brunt of the sun.

While you’re at it, shield the actual A/C unit with some shrubbery. This will avoid the sun pelting the unit all the time and will allow it to run more efficiently. Plus, it will make the unit far more attractive.

Preparing for Summer All Year Is One of the Best Ways to Save Money

Be a smart homeowner. Don’t be taken by surprise by the hellfire that is August in Florida. It happens every year, spend the cooler months preparing for it. 

Are you ready to get your maintenance plan in place before the summer scorchers start? Contact us here at Air Shield Heating and Cooling today for an estimate!

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